5 Great Reasons For Running


Welcome to the third article in my new series called “Anyone Can Run”. In the second article we discussed 5 of the greatest obstacles to running and what you can do to overcome them. As we will see in the next and final article there is a simple solution to this problem which I will share with you but first, in today’s article I provide 5 great reasons why you should run.

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5 Great Reasons for Running

  1. There are many health benefits associated with exercise and running in particular. Regular running lowers the risk associated with many diseases and conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other dementias.
  2. While the health benefits alone should be sufficient to persuade you, there are many other reasons why runners love to run. Running is great for family relationships and you can make great friends from running and enhance your social life!
  3. You can have great fun at a relatively low cost and you always feel better after running. You can run outdoors and enjoy your local environment and you can run on vacation and explore new places! It’s so easy to do; easier than riding a bike.
  4. It is a great “time-out” for reflection and chilling and running helps you think and be creative. I proactively use some of my running time for thinking about work-related topics and it never lets me down.
  5. Running will calm your nerves if you get nervous about anything. It is the stress hormone cortisol that is responsible for the uncomfortable feelings of dry mouth, trembling hands and body, elevated heart-rate, etc. Running releases the more positive feeling hormones serotonin and endorhpins, sometimes referred to as “runners high”, which effectively neutralize the cortisol and this leaves you in a more positive place.

These are just some of the many great reasons why you should at least consider running. I will introduce you to my unique way to start running in the fourth and final article of the series and you will find this much easier to achieve and more effective in the long run, excuse the pun.

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So until the final article, remember my motto:

You don’t have to be fit and healthy to start, but you do have to start to be fit and healthy.

By Jim Kirwan

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