Anyone Can Run in 5 Easy Steps


Welcome to the fourth and final article in my new series called “Anyone Can Run”. In the third article we discussed 5 great reasons why you should at least consider running.

In today’s final article I introduce you to my simple and unique way to start running and you will find this a much easier and enjoyable way to make progress and as a result you are much more likely to continue running in the future.

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Before You Can Start Running

There are two important requirements before you can start running. First, you must be able to walk at a moderate pace of about 17 minutes per mile, for 30 minutes. Second, you need a partner ideally at the same level so you can progress through the process together.

Anyone Can Run in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Warm up by walking together for 5 minutes at a slow pace and then gradually build your speed up to 17-minute-mile pace until your total warm up time of 10 minutes is complete.

Step 2: While your partner continues walking at 17-minute-mile pace, you start running but you must stay slightly behind your partner to ensure they control the pace. This is the critical ingredient which you must follow.

Step 3: Your partner continues to walk slightly ahead of you and remains in control of the pace. You run at 17-minute-mile pace for as long as you can but for no more than 20 minutes. If you can only do 10 minutes or even 5 that is fine. This is already a lot more than you have done before.

Step 4: Swap roles with your partner and repeat Step 3. You are walking again at the same pace and you are now in control with your partner running slightly behind you.

Step 5: Cool down by walking for 10 minutes and congratulate each other because you are now runners and it only took you 30 minutes!

If you would like to find out more about Anyone Can Run you will find all you need to know by clicking on the Anyone Can Run link. If you know anyone who has struggled with their running, please forward this article to them and they can sign up for the Anyone Can Run series by clicking on the same link.

So until next time, remember my motto:

You don’t have to be fit and healthy to start, but you do have to start to be fit and healthy.

By Jim Kirwan

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