5 Great Reasons for Running


London MarathonI have been a runner for many years and if I was forced to choose one and only one activity for the rest of my life, I would choose running. There are many reasons why you should consider running and I could write a book on the subject, but in this article I am going to give you

5 Great Reasons for Running

  1. Cool, Calm & Collected: The best way for me to be cool, calm and collected is to go for a run. It has happened to me so many times that I now know that if I get stressed out, running is the cure. Now it may be that exercise generally will reduce stress but I know from personal experience that running works big time for me. Try it!
  2. Time Out: This is different from number one, though there is probably a degree of overlap. Running gives you time and space to chill out, to think and to reflect. I am not a very religious person but it is through my running that I find peace and I can relax.
  3. Great Ideas: You probably have to run alone to maximize this one but you will be amazed at how many great ideas jump into your mind when you are out running. The first thing I do after every run is go into my office and write them down. As I get older and the old memory begins to fade, I may need to figure out some way of recording my great ideas. Please offer your suggestions below, though remember I tend to sweat a lot.
  4. Reconnaissance Mission: You have to be on vacation or in a new location to benefit from this one. I can remember finding some great restaurants while on vacation in many places that we would otherwise have never found. Back in 1986, Maureen and I moved to London and I got to know it very well by training for the London Marathon. What a great city! The photo with this article shows a slightly younger version of me finishing the marathon in May 1987. That’s me to the left with arms raised, eyes closed and a big smile! Can’t remember what I was thinking at that moment but I was definitely pleased with myself. What about the short shorts and cotton T-shirt and socks, not to mention the full head of black hair and beard. Oh and by the way, my real time was 3.34.00; with some 35,000 participants, it took me over 5 minutes to cross the starting line at the start of the race. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  5. Running Calms Your Nerves: Running will help to “calm your nerves” which can be particularly helpful if you get nervous about anything! Getting a bout of nerves before a big event like giving a talk, appearing on television, making a presentation, attending an important meeting, while totally natural can be quite disconcerting as I have found out on many occasions. It is your body’s way of facing fear and while it can work in your favor it can also work against you. There is a fine balance to be struck.

Going for a run beforehand will definitely help you get into a more comfortable and confident state of mind. This transforms your nerves from a feeling to be avoided to a state to be embraced. It is the stress hormone cortisol that is your enemy when it comes to your “pre match” nerves. It is responsible for the uncomfortable feelings of dry mouth, trembling hands and body, elevated heart-rate, etc. Running releases more positive feeling hormones serotonin and endorhpins, sometimes referred to as “runners high” which effectively neutralize the cortisol. This leaves you in a more positive place with the balance I mentioned above much more likely to be in your favor. This has definitely worked for me and so I wanted to highlight this for you!

The 30 Day Exercise Challenge

If you would like to start running you should do The 30 Day Exercise Challenge. Make your New Year Resolution today and sign up for the FREE 30 Day Exercise Challenge, although you can start this challenge at any time during the year. Doing the Challenge will set you up for future success and if you are ready to do Program 3 you can start running. To watch the introductory video and sign up for the Challenge click on the link below.


Until the next time, remember my motto:

“You don’t have to be fit and healthy to start but you do have to start to be fit and healthy!”

By Jim Kirwan
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