5 Greatest Obstacles to Running


Welcome to the second article in my new series called “Anyone Can Run”. In the first article we discussed the single biggest reason which may be stopping you from running. In my experience over 40 years of running, many people find it too hard and that is simply because they start out too fast.

As we will see later in the series there is a simple solution to this problem which I will share with you but first, in today’s article, I deal with 5 of the greatest obstacles to running and what you can do to overcome them. If you would like to subscribe to the entire series, click here.

Over the years I have heard many reasons why people think they cannot exercise and all of them apply to running. My top five are as follows:

1. Too Busy – If you find that you are too busy to run [or any kind of exercise] on a regular basis then you are too busy and you need to promote it in your list of priorities.

2. Too Old – Many adults “retire” from planned exercise in their 30’s and therefore think they are too old to run. You are not too old and it is never too late to start running, especially when you learn my simple solution! It reminds me of Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s motto – we do not stop exercising because we grow old; we grow old because we stop exercising!

3. Too Heavy – I know that starting back into exercise and especially running is hard when you are overweight but when you hear my unique approach you will change your mind.

4. Injured – If you are injured, you need to proceed with care and implement a recovery program that includes strength and flexibility. When you are ready to start running again, make sure you follow my approach and you are much more likely to avoid further injury.

5. Hard Work – Exercise and running can be hard especially at the start but I believe many folks make it harder than it needs to be. Again,if you follow the unique approach that I will reveal in article 4 you can make running easier and more effective!

So you may think that running is for “younger” and “slimmer” people and not suited to you but as I said in the first article, I believe most people start running in a way which makes it more difficult and less enjoyable than it should be. This leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy that running is too hard, I can’t do it, I am too old, too heavy, etc.

I will introduce you to my unique approach to running in the final article of the series but first I will share 5 great reasons for running in article 3. If you know anyone who has struggled with their running, please forward this article to them. They can sign up for the Anyone Can Run series by clicking here.

So until the third article, remember my motto:

You don’t have to be fit to start, but you do have to start to be fit and healthy.

By Jim Kirwan

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