Do You Want to Live a Long, High Quality Life, Free from Illness and Injury?

Get America Moving LogoWhile there are no guarantees, I believe you can significantly influence your life expectancy and the quality of your life by the actions you take.

Welcome to Get America! I’m Jim Kirwan, the founder and former CEO of TrySports and the creator of Get America Moving.

I came to the U.S. from Ireland 10 years ago to set up TrySports and we’ve inspired thousands to get fit and live a healthy life. (TrySports is an award-winning company and an INC 5000 fastest growing company for 3 years in a row from 2009 to 2011.)

Listen, I’m sure you know about the Obesity, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s epidemics, but what about the fourth hidden epidemic, a silent killer which is largely responsible for the other 3? I call this the “Inactivity” epidemic, because the vast majority of Americans don’t exercise nearly enough and I’m so concerned about this silent killer that I have stepped down from TrySports and I am on a mission to Get America Moving.

I believe in a few short years, we will look back and wonder, a bit like smoking, how we failed to connect the dots about the “Inactivity” epidemic.

Get America Moving provides a range of fitness products and services.

“The average American takes years to get out of shape but expects to get back in condition in a few weeks; it’s not going to happen!”

About Jim Kirwan

Jim KirwanLet me share a personal story with you. Back in 1975 my dad, who was only 47, died very suddenly of a massive heart attack. I was out on a Friday night with some pals and arrived home around midnight. I vividly remember passing my parent’s bedroom. The door was a little open and dad had his back to me. I never said good night and that was the last time I saw him alive! This was a major shock to a 20 year old, who thought he was invincible.

Like most of his contemporaries, my dad didn’t exercise. Sure, he played the odd game of golf and went for the occasional walk with my mum but he certainly didn’t exercise enough and I know this was the main cause of his premature death. He’d be 86 if he was alive today; that’s 39 lost years. Don’t let this happen to you!

Work Experience

2013 – current – Founder of Get America Moving
2003 – 2013 – Founder and CEO TrySports – Mt. Pleasant, SC
1990 – 2002 – Founder and CEO HRM Consultancy – Dublin, Ireland
1973 – 1989 – HR Manager – Bank of Ireland – Dublin and London


Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Comm [Honors] University College Dublin
Running, cross-country, track and field and triathlon coach