How to Avoid Walking and Running Injuries, Part 1


You may recall that recently I did a survey for my new book, The eXercise Factor and I was asked lots of questions which I am going to answer over the coming weeks and months. I’m going to start with a Blog series called “How To Avoid Walking and Running Injuries”, as these were one of the most commonly asked questions and of course are one of the greatest obstacles to exercise.

I remember visiting a doctor in the early eighties with some lower back issues, when I was training for my first marathon. He told me that I should stop this “crazy” running as it was the cause of all my problems. This was not what I wanted to hear, nor is it the solution if you get injured from walking or running or indeed any exercise for that matter.

Accordingly, in this Blog series I am going to focus on effective training and injury prevention so you can continue exercising. My approach throughout will be to:

1. Reduce the risk of injury.

2. Recognize injuries early and thus minimize damage.

3. Treat injury appropriately and find the underlying causes.

4. Return to walking and running in a way which prevents recurrence and minimizes the risk of a new injury.

What Causes Injuries?

Walking and running injuries are very different from football injuries; few ever break a leg or a collarbone from walking or running. They are definitely less dramatic injuries but they often build up slowly over a prolonged time. You may not even notice them until they catch up on you one day.

Walking and running injuries are usually caused by constant repetition and there are 4 primary causes: overuse, compensation, pressure and power. I will go through the first 2 of these in the next blog article. To make sure you get each edition of this series, you can sign up for my Blog by filling out your information below.

Until the next time remember my motto:

You don’t have to be fit to start, but you do have to start to be fit and healthy.

By Jim Kirwan

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