Can You Do 10 Push Ups?

At the start of August I released a blog article and video about the importance of strength exercises. Because this is such an important part of your exercise, I gave you a complementary copy of my short ebook “The Importance of Strength …

Category: Anyone Can Run

Running Versus Jogging

I am often asked what is my favorite form of exercise and as a runner for nearly forty years, I undoubtedly have a bias in favor of running or what some folks like to call jogging. Dr. George Sheehan, cardiologist, pioneer of …

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Category: Anyone Can Run

Anyone Can Run in 5 Easy Steps

Welcome to the fourth and final article in my new series called “Anyone Can Run”. In the third article we discussed 5 great reasons why you should at least consider running. In today’s final article I introduce you to my simple and …

Category: Anyone Can Run

5 Great Reasons For Running

Welcome to the third article in my new series called “Anyone Can Run”. In the second article we discussed 5 of the greatest obstacles to running and what you can do to overcome them. As we will see in the next and final article …