You are overweight and you don’t see an end in sight. Each year you get heavier and you don’t know what to do. You’ve tried diets but they don’t work. So every year you loosen your belt another notch.

This time you want it to work for you, but you don’t know what to do and you are just not sure how to get started. Long-term you want to increase your life expectancy and the overall quality of your life.

Action ONE: Make a Decision and Decide to get started!

“We do not stop exercising because we grow old, we grow old because we stop exercising.”
Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Action TWO: Do The 30 Day Exercise Challenge


I created The 30 Day Exercise Challenge to help you ease into the best shape of your life regardless of how old, overweight or out of shape you are. You can choose from 3 exercise programs based on your current level of fitness.

Program 1

Program 1 is for you, if you’re currently inactive. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been inactive, as you start with easy walking and gradually build to 3 hours a week.

Program 2

Program 2 is for you, if you exercise a little. You’ll also be walking, though you should aim to increase your pace and gradually build to 4 hours a week.

Program 3

Program 3 is for you, if you’d like to progress from walking to running; your goal is to gradually build to 4 hours a week by the end of the Challenge.

StarOngoing Support
Helping you at every step

During the Challenge you’ll receive ongoing support videos and practical worksheets and you can also join a support community on Facebook, if you want to. A word of warning, while the Challenge is not difficult, it requires effort and commitment. But it‘ll all be laid out for you, so get ready to see major changes! By the end of the Challenge, you’ll see that getting fit and healthy, while challenging, is absolutely realistic and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your fitness. You’ll establish the habit of exercise in your life and your confidence will soar because you’ve set yourself up for continued success.

Action THREE: Sign up for the Challenge right now

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