Illustration of Your New Lifestyle Mission


In last week’s article in my new blog series called “The eXercise Factor Blog”, I described the 5 Essential Stages of Your New Lifestyle Mission and I promised that I would provide an illustration this week. The illustration below is an example of what “Your New Lifestyle Mission” could look like after going through Stage 1 – Your Mission Decision!

So here it is straight out of Chapter 12 of The eXercise Factor.


Illustration of Your New Lifestyle Mission

1. Your Future Vision – Health

I will transform my way of life so that I will achieve the following:

  • Significantly increase my life expectancy. One hundred years of age would be nice but an additional ten years over average life expectancy at age sixty-five, (ninety-two for men and ninety-five for women) is a realistic objective.
  • Enjoy a high quality of life, free from chronic illness and injury. In particular, I will really focus on my two current high risk factors, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • I will gradually reduce my current weight by twenty-five pounds so that my Body Mass Index (BMI) is no more than 25. This will facilitate the achievement of all my other mission objectives.
  • I am going to select an appropriate health cause that I can be passionate about.

2. Your Future Vision – Exercise

I will get off the couch and transform my life by getting fit and staying fit with exercise as a key priority for the rest of my life as follows:

  • I like walking, running, cycling and swimming and I am going to gradually build them into my weekly exercise routine. I will explore how I can get involved with exercise groups in my local community.
  • I would like to complete a 5K road race initially but eventually (within the next few years) I would like to do a marathon and after that maybe a triathlon.
  • I plan to take my exercise outdoors as much as possible and it will also be a key ingredient of future vacations. I want to get back to taking an annual ski vacation and I would also like to do bike trips in the coming years in Europe and California.

3. Your Future Vision – Nutrition

I am going to make some healthy changes to what I eat and drink as soon as possible:

  • I will have a largely (95%) healthy diet with many more vegetables, fruits, pulses and nuts.
  • I will try to eliminate or at least minimize the bad food I eat, including too much fast and processed food and way too much sugar.
  • I will also significantly reduce the number of sodas and the amount of coffee that I drink, finding healthier choices such as water, natural whole-food smoothies and green or white tea.

The eXercise Factor

You can follow the 5 essential stages of your new lifestyle mission yourself but I encourage you to get a hold of a copy of my book The eXercise Factor so you have your own personal roadmap to guide you on your mission. You can get it on Amazon, including the Kindle edition but if you would like a signed copy you should take advantage of my special offer (which includes FREE shipping). I will send it out to you immediately.

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Best wishes until next time!
Jim Kirwan

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