My New X Factor Competition


I am delighted to launch my New X Factor Competition in today’s article. There are some great prizes, and you can enter below!

You will recall that I’ve been working on my new book for over 18 months. It’s about exercise but it’s about much more than that. It describes 4 Key Drivers of Success: Exercise, Nutrition, Knowledge and what I call the X Factor.

I called the book “The eXercise Factor” because of the importance of the “X Factor”. The X Factor is the critical ingredient if you wish to succeed and last week I revealed the most important Success Factors from my list of 13.

Today I reveal some of the most popular Success Factors that you suggested and at the same time launch my brand new, hot-off-the-press X Factor Competition. Here’s how this works; when I describe the X Factor I use my X Factor RECIPE for Success.

RECIPE is an acronym made up of the 6 ultimate Success Factors and so the Competition is to figure out the words that each of the letters stand for.

To help you, I’ve produced my RECIPE Table and I’ve placed the most relevant Success Factors under the appropriate letter. The ones in blue are from my list and the ones in black are some of your most popular suggestions.

RECIPE chart

To enter the competition, submit your entry below with the 6 words you think the acronym RECIPE represents. So R is for …., E is for… and so on.

The first person to get all 6 words correct will win a complementary entry into my new Coaching Program and the first person to get each individual word correct will win a gift certificate which you can apply towards the Coaching Program or other Products.

It’s unlikely that anyone will get all six words immediately, so once I confirm the correct answer for a word you can submit a new entry until we get our overall winner.

One favor I would ask is that if you know the answers (you’ve seen my manuscript) please don’t participate in the competition so this can be fun for everyone else.

I hope you have some fun. Please leave your comments or ask any questions below.

Until then remember my motto:

You don’t have to be fit to start, but you do have to start to be fit and healthy.

By Jim Kirwan

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Join in the Discussion

  1. Linda Sue

    R – Resolve
    E – Effort
    C – Commitment
    I – Initiative
    P – Positive Thinking
    E – Enthusiasm

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  2. Tracy Chaisson


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  3. Sharon


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  4. Hollie

    R- Resolve
    E- Everyday
    C- Choice
    I- Involvement
    P- Participation
    E- Experience

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  5. Richard Prokesch

    R Resolve
    E Enthusiasm
    C Commitment
    I Inspiration
    P Pursuit
    E Effort

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  6. Anna Belle

    Resolve examine, core involve people evaluate

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  7. Susan Lussier

    R = Revolution
    E = Enthusiasm
    C = Commitment
    I = Inspiration
    P = Patience
    E = Enjoyment

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  8. Jeanie Hart


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  9. Hollie

    R- Resolution
    E- Enthusiasm
    C- Challenge
    I- Inspiration
    P- Program
    E- Enjoyment

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