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In Monday’s blog post, I explained that I have done a lot of interviews recently. While they all focus on the importance of exercise and health, they are actually quite different.

The first interview, released on Monday, was The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide Podcast where I was interviewed by my friend and host Kalynn Amadio. You can either listen to the audio or watch the video of BUG – Episode 22 here.

On Wednesday, I released my interview with Ric Bratton on This Week In America. You can watch the video here,or simply listen to the audio here or on iTunes. I hope you like it!

Today, I am delighted to release my interview with Cynthia Stott at The Speaker Summit. In this interview, I explain how exercise can help speakers, based on my own speaking journey over the last few years. This will be of particular interest to you if you are a speaking newbie or if you would like to be a speaker. Click here to listen in and I hope you enjoy it!

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Best wishes,

Jim Kirwan

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