My Interview on “America Tonight” with Kate Delaney PLUS an amazing FREEBIE!


This week I am taking a break from The eXercise Factor Blog to bring you my recent interview on America Tonight with Kate Delaney (scroll down through Media Appearances and click on the “America Tonight” icon). Kate is a national broadcast personality with chops. An Emmy award winner for her special report on the AIDS epidemic in New Mexico, Kate also is one of only two women to ever host a Sports Radio Talk Show in a Top 10 market – WFAN, New York and KRLD, Dallas. Now, she’s your host for great talk radio every night.

Her guests have included some of the biggest names in politics, entertainment and sports – George W. Bush, Vice President Joe Biden, Former V.P. Dick Cheney and Congressman Paul Ryan, Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, O.J. Simpson, Tina Fey, Sandra Bullock, Adam Sandler, Chris Pine and Taylor Swift. So I am in some amazing company!

Kate is a very entertaining and funny host so I think you will enjoy this interview; it only lasts 12 minutes. She quizzes me about my Exercise BASICS Formula which answers 2 really important questions about exercise that you should be asking! To listen in all you have to do is click this link and scroll down until you see the “America Tonight” icon.

The Happy H.O.M.E Project

I believe that we all instinctively long for a happy home and have a deep need to create and experience this home as well as an innate sense of what that feels and looks like. We tend to think that if we are clear and conscious about our parenting choices, we will be able to provide this harmonious and happy home for our children. But then the children are born and, well, it’s a bit different than we’d imagined.

My good friend and colleague Kathleen Hennessy is hosting The Happy HOME Project Telesummit to support you in creating the Healthy, Open, Motivated and Engaged (H.O.M.E.) home of your dreams in tune with what is most important to you. You are well aware that a happy home entails multiple elements, but you do not want to listen to just anyone. There are so many people out there, including well-meaning friends, family and parents at the park, who share tips which are not aligned with your core values and principles. You are a parent who has given a lot of thought to how you want to create a home and a life. Kathleen gets that, so she has been very choosy about the 20 guests she has invited to participate in The Happy H.O.M.E Project, including yours truly!

During this totally FREE event from May 11th until May 24th you’ll discover:

  • self-care tips for your health and nutrition
  • recipes for nutritious cooking with children
  • steps to stop the torment of perfectionism and trying to be it all
  • the affect of Affirmations with children and teens to support them in overcoming obstacles
  • a different perspective on your couples’ relationship so it can be amazing
  • how to design your child’s room and the family spaces to best foster positive development and harmony
  • ideas for integrating the joys and responsibilities of a family pet
  • forms to introduce an inclusive spirituality as a family

And there’s more on family finances, coping well with stress, de-cluttering (even for parents of young children), creative celebrations, the significance of service in teaching values, and of course heart-and-soul-centered parenting tools.

So what are you waiting for? Get access to all 20 calls, and the entire package of recordings sent direct to your inbox after the event! Oh, and each guest will be offering a FREE GIFT also available just through May 24th. Sign up for totally FREE access NOW.

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