My Survey Results


Thank you for your input and support in my recent 15 Month Review Survey. The key findings are set out below:

Survey Results

1. 90% of you said you would like to learn more about the content of my book “The eXercise Factor“, so I am starting a new Blog Series next week.

2. Starting next week there will only be 1 Blog Article a week as this was the preference of the majority.

3. These Blog Articles will be delivered by email but supported from time to time by videos. We will also post the articles/videos on Facebook.

4. We will continue to send you our “Tip of the Day” by email, 5 days a week [Monday through Friday], as this was the preference of the majority.

5. I was surprised at the level of interest in my coaching programs. 55% of you said you would like to learn more about my coaching, with particular interest in my customized one-on-one coaching.

6. There was also significant interest in my training programs, with 37% of you expressing interest in “Anyone Can Run” and 28% in 5X Fitness Transformation.

American Heart Association Wellness Symposium

The American Heart Association [Charleston Branch] is holding a Wellness Symposium entitled “Creating a Culture of Health: A Worksite Wellness Workshop” for HR professionals on Wednesday 25th March 2015.

I am one of the speakers involved and if you are interested in attending you can find out moreĀ here. This event has been designated for 2 hours of HRCI credit.

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