How to Overcome 5 of the Greatest Obstacles to Exercise


Roads_10-There are many things that can get in your way and I discuss 5 of the greatest obstacles to exercise in this article. It is quite likely that one or more of these are literally stopping you in your tracks. If they are don’t worry because I am here to guide you so you can overcome whatever gets in your way.

  1. Too Busy: We are all very busy so this is essentially a question of priority. If you see exercise as a high priority then allocating time for it is a lot easier. So you have to make the decision that exercise is going to be a high priority in your life. If you don’t this obstacle will continue to stop you in your tracks. So make the decision today! You can do this!
  2. Too Old: It is easy to let your age become an obstacle because that is what conventional wisdom does. However there are many people who prove that the opposite is true and you can do this too. I love Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s motto: “We do not stop exercising because we grow old, we grow old because we stop exercising.” Don’t let this happen to you!
  3. Too Heavy: This is another common obstacle to exercise. However, we see so many folks who don’t let their weight be an obstacle that I know you can too. Think about the Biggest Loser or a similar program in your local area. In my area, the Healthy Charleston Challenge has helped hundreds of people to change their lives and they now live a fit and healthy life. Did you know that overweight and obese folks who exercise have a greater life expectancy than normal weight folks who don’t exercise? Join the exercise club!
  4. Too Tired: You may feel you are too tired and this is often linked to being too busy. I am so busy and have so much to do that I am too tired to exercise. Trust me I understand this notion because I am feeling it right now as I prepare to launch Get America Moving. But, I also know from experience and this may be counter intuitive that this tiredness is often caused by lack of exercise. So I am going for a run shortly to recharge my batteries! Try it, go out and exercise and you will feel much better too.
  5. Too Hard: Exercise is hard, especially at the start so you have to persevere through that initial difficult phase. This is the hardest part and it takes courage to keep working especially when you feel progress is slow. You do need to reinforce your commitment again and again which takes a lot of guts and effort but I promise you will not regret it. When you get there, which you will you will see that it is so better than the alternative.

Did you notice that there is a common theme with the 5 obstacles? It is often your current mindset towards exercise that is the problem, for example “exercise is too hard”! So you have to decide to change from a negative to a positive mindset, because you know this will help you big-time! Can you figure out how you can overcome your obstacles? If you need help or have questions leave them in the comments below.

Until the next time, remember my motto:

“You don’t have to be fit and healthy to start but you do have to start to be fit and healthy!”

By Jim Kirwan
Get America Moving


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