Why I Do What I Do

This is a short extract from a talk given at a Quantum Leap speaker workshop. It answers the question – Why I Do What I Do?

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Bypass this Silent Killer - The Fourth Hidden Epidemic

This talk focuses on The Fourth Hidden Epidemic and proves that the vast majority of Americans do not exercise enough. It explains the 6 major causes of this silent killer; change, convenience, consensus, confusion, cardio, and calories. It provides an easy to understand explanation of the link between exercise and calories. It then shows you how to bypass this silent killer by introducing The Exercise BASICS Formula which answers two really important questions. How long should you spend exercising and what type of exercise should you do.The call to action at the end of the talk is to sign up for our great FREE GIFT: The Exercise BASICS Formula.

Testimonial from Janis Newton, Director of MUSC Wellness Center and creator of the Healthy Charleston Challenge. This award winning 12-week Challenge, described as Charleston’s version of “The Biggest Loser,” is in its seventh round in less than four years and is starting to draw attention from around the nation, including as far away as Alaska.

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Your New Lifestyle Mission


The objective of this talk is to get HR Professionals excited about the great opportunity available to them and their organizations through the creation and development of their “Wellness” programs. My agenda includes: My Story; The State of the Nation; a brief review of my book The eXercise Factor, the X Factor RECIPE for Success and Your New Lifestyle Mission. It finishes with 5 Key “Wellness” Takeaways.

Testimonial from Sara Nelson, Director of Development, Heart Walk for the American Heart Association. Jim was the featured speaker for our Workplace Wellness Symposium, Creating a Culture of Wellness hosted by the American Heart Association Lowcountry office! He is an excellent speaker and did an amazing job motivating the crowd with his simple, yet effective approach to get moving! His personal story and passion for his mission is so inspiring! He is a wonderful heart-healthy partner  of the AHA and huge asset to the Charleston community!

Signature Talk 3

Exercise: the Secret Sauce for a Long Quality Life

This talk focuses on long-term lifestyle and the key ingredients of knowledge, nutrition and especially exercise which is the “secret sauce” for a long quality life. The talk actively engages the participants and inspires them to see exercise as a high priority in their lives. The call to action at the end of the talk is to start the Get America Moving – 30 Day Exercise Challenge. It can also link to The Exercise BASICS Formula.


Testimonial from Susan Johnson, PhD., Director of Health Promotion, Medical University of South Carolina. “Jim Kirwan is a dynamic, engaging speaker who motivates change by weaving real-life examples into his health and fitness message. His “four keys to success” are logical, easy to understand, and are a great tool for anyone looking to improve their health at any age.”