My X Factor Competition is Like Chicken Soup for the Soul!


Last week I told you that I joined a great coaching program called “Quantum Leap” run by a super guy called Steve Harrison, to help my mission to Get America Moving take a “Quantum Leap”.

During the week I was at one of the Quantum Leap meetings in Philadelphia and I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be on the same stage as Jack Canfield, co author of the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, as well as the president of his group of companies, Patty Aubery.

I don’t know why he chose me, but he did and I was able to talk to them about my new book, The eXercise Factor, in front of some 100 Quantum Leap colleagues!

Which leads me nicely to my X Factor RECIPE Competition. We have the first two words – Jeanie got the first word – R for Resolve. If you want to succeed in pretty much anything you want to do you have to have RESOLVE, the determination to persist or persevere, no matter what, until you achieve your objective.

Anna Belle and Sharon between them got the second word – I for Involved. You do need to be committed, which was the number 1 success factor chosen by 80% of the participants in my recent survey. However, I believe a better word is INVOLVED and this always reminds me of the bacon and eggs breakfast story or metaphor where the hen is committed but the pig is involved!

Let me end this blog by giving you one almighty hint for the four remaining words. Are you ready?

If you have the necessary RESOLVE and are very E…………… with a great C………….. and you get fully INVOLVED in an exciting P………….. the outcome will be E…………..!

Remember, you can keep entering the X Factor RECIPE Competition until all 6 words are confirmed. The first person to get each word wins a prize but the overall winner – first to get all 6 words correct – will win complementary entry to my Coaching Program For Early Adopters starting in October.

This will be an amazing opportunity to take a “Quantum Leap” in your health and fitness for 15 months starting in October and continuing throughout 2015 and I promise you it will be like Chicken Soup for the Soul.

So go ahead and enter the competition by entering your guesses below!

Until next time, remember my motto:

You don’t have to be fit and healthy to start, but you do have to start to be fit and healthy.

By Jim Kirwan

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  1. Tom Randolph


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  2. Ann Miller

    Keep going!

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  3. Amy

    If you have the necessary RESOLVE and are very Eager with a great Courage and you get fully INVOLVED in an exciting PROGRAM the outcome will be Exceptional

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  4. Hollie

    R- Resolve
    E- Eager
    C- Coach
    I- Involved
    P- Plan
    E- Excellent

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